Stay Focused

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. 

Hebrews 12:1 (KJV)

In the days when this verse was written, the writer was drawing a parallel that was much better understood than it is today. In those days, runners conditioned their bodies for a race just as we do today. But at the time of the race, they stripped off their clothing so that when they ran there would be nothing to hinder them. They also oiled their bodies with fine oils. In the same way, we need to be well oiled or anointed with the Holy Spirit if we are going to win our race. We also need to remove anything from our lives that would hinder us in running the race set before us. There are many different hindrances to running a race .

Too many commitments will keep us from developing our potential. Letting other people control us will keep us from developing our potential. Not knowing how to say no will keep us from developing our potential. Getting overly involved in someone else’s goals and vision or becoming entangled in someone else’s  problems instead of keeping our eyes on our own goals will keep us from fulfilling our potential.

If we are going to do what God has called us to do, we are doing to have to stay focused; because the world we live in is filled with distractions and entanglements. We try to read our Bible, and somebody stops by, we try to pray, and the phone rings. There is distractions after distractions. Sooner or later we have to learn to say no. We have to be determined that nothing is going to hinder us from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for us..

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Root of the Problem

When I was one person on the inside and another person on the outside, I had to wear masks and be phony. I had to put on a facade and play games. I wish that I could stand before God and my family and everyone else and be at peace with myself and with others. 

          I live in fear of what anyone thinks of me because I have opened my heart to things that have hurt me and alot of times it just goes on and on and no one knows about it … They act like I am to walk this world as if I am on cloud nine … I have begun to shut everyone out in my life and I have thought that it would go away only I have found that it has just made me more lonely… I hear this all the time if you just open your heart to God’s Holy Spirit, and he will light up the dark places within me so you can feel free…. but I don’t so I have to question why because God is there I can feel him ,,, He knows my every need and cares when I am lonely .. how do I break this a be set free…. everyone says it is easy … I pray that it is … All I have prayed for are still prays when do you break free of the bondage and does any one really care … This is the feelings that I was fighting with everyday … and at times still do ..

         If you are Reading this you may have the same questions , some of the scriptures that really got me through this and the days that I feel so empty inside are as follow .. Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for the enemy of yours , the devil, roams around like a lion roaring (in fierce hunger), seeking someone to seize upon and devour .Withstand him; be firm in faith (against his onset-rooted, established, strong , immovable, and determined), knowing that the same ( identical) sufferings are appointed to your brotherhood( the whole body of Christians) throughout the world. ! Peter 5:8,9

        If you want to receive emotional healing and go forward with your life, you must lay down self-pity. I am so convinced of that truth that I will go so far as to ask you the same question that God asked me several months ago; Do you want to be pitiful or powerful?I will also pose some other questions for you that I asked myself on the same subject. Do you feel sorry for yourself? Be honest in your response. Don’t do as I used to do and answer Yes But… God has shown me that self -pity s like a wall that keeps me from going forward in life. In my own life, I had to learn that everyone has problems just because I was abused by my really parents and abandoned and abused by my ex husband I am not a special case. Like everyone else, I have to take responsibility for my own healing and restoration and so do you.. We must cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Don’ t walk around with a chip on your shoulder like I did .The Bible tells us that those who wallow in self -pity make themselves vulnerable to the devil, who is seeking someone to devour .

     Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ , The Father of sympathy(pity and mercy) and the God ( who is the source ) of every comfort , consolation and encouragement, Who comforts(consoles and encourages) us in every trouble ( calamity and affliction), so that we may also be able to comfort ( console and encourage) those who are in any kind of trouble or distress, with comfort with which we ourselves are comforted. @ Corinthians 1:.3,4.

    The best healer is often the wounded healer, because he know what he is dealing with since he has suffered it himself That’s what Paul was saying in this passage from his letter to the church. in Corinth. If you have suffered through some hard times in your life you are going to be even more successful in ministering to those who are going through the same kind of suffering in their lives. Than doesn’t mean that you will ever suffer again just mean you will be more ready to fight back and have the tools to do so..

     I pray that this helps someone who is reading this and saying that is me .. God love you and cares in everything you go through take sometime alone and remember and meditate on these scriptures…. Amen…



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The Holy Spirit as a Lifter

During the past week , I was experiencing a point in my life that i really didn’t think was showing .. I was helping out with  a mail out at our christian Radio Station(He’s Alive Radio) in Grantsville and was just listening to all the people talking and on of the ladies said Pam you are so quiet and I guess I was not paying attention and she said again Pam you are so quiet are you ok and I told her yes but in my heart i knew that i was not . See I am on who keeps it all in and then one day It just comes out like for days of crying and i realized that people thought I was depressed and I said no I am not depressed and In all I was this year I have had sickness and loss of job due to company leaving the area and found that after working 11years at this company I no longer had a reason to get up , get dressed and sometime still stay in bed and no one knew that I was not getting out , not only that I have no car my son lives with me and he has a car and sometimes I can us it . I had allow myself to show how I was feeling and I knew then that I needed to get my Joy back , no one want to be around a person that is sad all the time..

So many times we allow our true feelings show and our flesh fight against us and says you can’t show that they will think you are depressed or something is wrong and in my situation that I was and it finally came out … so I really worked on getting out of my apartment and do things that didn’t cost money , and so we did . I came back Saturday and began to read in John 14:16 it was a lifter once I was able to read it .It says And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that he may remain with you forever.

Do you know that even the ministry of the Holy Spirit is one of the lifting up? When Jesus ascended into heaven, He said to His disciples, “I am going to ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit upon you to be your Comforter.” The Greek word from which the word “Comforter” is translated in this verse is parakletos, meaning “called to one’s side , i.e. to one’s aid. ” In other words the Comforter is one who comes to stand alongside to encourage, edify, and exhort. Everything the Holy Spirit does is to keep us lifted up. He is our permanent “pick-me-up” to keep us from becoming depressed.

According to Webster’s II New College dictionary (1995), depress means.”1. To lower in spirits: Sadden. 2. To press down : lower. 3.To lessen the activity or the force of : Weaken.”

When Satan comes against you and me to depress us, he is trying to lower our spirits, sadden un, press us down, lessen our activity and force for God. He is trying to keep us from moving forward, because one of the synonyms of the word “Depressed ” is ” backward.” Satan wants to use depression to “pull our power plug,” to drive us backward, while God wants to empower us and propel us forward. The question is are we pressing on or are we being pressed down?

Each one of us has a face and deal with disappointments and discouraging people and situations every day of our lives. However , we have been given the Holy Spirit to help lift us up and see us through. Amen

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We need to keep the Devil on the Run every second of the day

The devil lies to us (see John 8:44). If we aren’t aggressive against him and don’t stop listening to his lies, he will run our lives. He goes about like a roaring lion (1Peter 5:8), but we have the Lion of Judah, Jesus, inside us. We are the ones who should be doing the roaring!

When the devil makes one move toward us, we  should keep ourselves so spiritually attuned that we pick up exactly what he’s trying to do and back him down. It should take only a few seconds.

The devil is always trying to come against us. As long as we back down, he keeps on coming . If we make one move against him in the authority Jesus made available to us, the devil has to back down.

We need to continue standing in our authority against him. If we stop, he will start moving against us, backing us up. The devil is a liar, a bully , a bluff, a deceiver. He comes like a lion, but he is not the lion. We believers in Jesus Christ have the power of the greater one on the inside of us. Greater is he that is in you, than he is in the world (1John 4:4).

Know the word well enough that the minute a thought comes into your head that doesn’t line up with God’s word, you can say to the devil, “Liar! No, I’m not listening to you. ” You can spend your life backing up and hiding from the devil, or you can spend it forcing him to back up.

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What Is A True Friend

            True friends don’t try to control you they help you be what God wants you to be . Put your faith in God, and ask Him to give you friends who are truly right for you . It says in 2 Corinthians 6:17 (The Message Bible). “Don’t link up with those who will pollute you. ” Perhaps you never thought of using your faith for right friends, but God offers us a new  way to live. He invites us to live by faith. There is no part of your life God is not concerned about , and He wants to be involved in everything you want, need, or do.

                    I cannot make myself acceptable to all people, and neither can you, but we can believe that God will give us favor with the people He wants us involved with. sometimes we try to have relationships with people God does not even want us to be associated with. Some of the people I really worked hard to be friends with in the past, often compromising my own conscience in order to gain their acceptance, were the very ones who rejected me the first time I didn’t do exactly as they wanted me to. I realize now I wanted their friendship for wrong reasons. I was insecure and wanted to be friends with the “popular” people and boy can you find them in the church and thinking my association with important people would make me important was I ever wrong . Yes I said the church , I have experience some really good people but they think because they are on the intercession team or they have a so-called title in the church they can’t even shake your hand ..

                        We should put our faith in the Lord to help us choose right friends , as well as everything else that concerns us. I am brought back to that old hymn we sang in church What a friend we have in Jesus, and He is always there when you need him always there to listen and He does Love us. Many time when we go through a hardship or a time when everything seem impossible just remember that, ” Not by might, nor by power , but by My Spirit …. says the Lord of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6

              I encourage you to read this carefully and receive what the Lord wants to speak to you today .

                                I want you to face the mountain so that you can see, when the mountain is out-of-the-way all there is left is Me. Only I can move the mountain, only I can push it away, only I can conquer the problems that you face today. Your only job is to believe, to listen to My voice, and when you hear what I command, obedience is your choice. But I will not make it too difficult for the victory is already Mine, and I will fill you with My Spirit and throught you My grace will shine. Not when you are perfect, like you think you need to be, but when your heart is willing to become more and more like Me.

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Serving Others Will Set You Free To Love

 I was just recently blessed by the effects of the destruction in Alabama where I was able to volunteer and help with the victims . My job was to pass water out and wash the clothes . I was reminded of the movie the Bucket List were two men on their death bed was making a list of all they wanted to do before they died. My list in not a Bucket List but I do have a list of things that I would love to accomplished before the Lord comes… One was to go to South Africa and that was accomplished in February of 1998 I planted my feet on South Africa ground… and another on my list was when destruction hits that I would be able to volunteer and help the hurting .. and that was made possible this year.

  It changed my life so many time I would read about being a servant and love being a servant I love serving others even tho it is not viewed as a high position, and yet Jesus said in Matthew 23:11-12

 He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself (with haughtiness and empty pride) shall be humbled(brought low). and whoever humbles himself (whoever has a modest opinion of himself and behaves accordingly) shall be raised to honor.

So much of our worth and value is connected to what we do that it makes it very difficult for us to enjoy serving. Jesus said it is the highest of all. Serving others also sets them free to love. it disarms even the most hateful individual. It is actually fun to watch that person’s amazement when they realize that they are being  serving through love. If someone knows full well they have done us wrong, and we return his evil with good, it begins to tear down the walls they have built around himself. Sooner or later they will begin to trust us and start learning from us what real love is. That is the whole purpose behind being a servant, to show others the love of God that he has shown us so that they too can share in it – and then pass it on.
Jesus was able to wash His disciples ‘ feet because He was free. only a person who is truly free, one who is not insecure , can do menial tasks and not feel insignificant as a result..

I was truly humbled and honored to serve these people and will do it again not for the glory but for the freedom that it has impacted in  my life and because I was able to show God tender Love and mercy… Love is the Greatest Gift we can give….

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Mother Day.

         Today  I was reminded that Sunday will be a day in which we honor our Mothers.. I was brought back to so many wonderful memories of time with my mother,,, see my mother prayed for 19 years for children and she was not able to conceive so mom and dad prayed and decided to  adopted. One day the call came and they asked if they would be interested in adopting twin and they was very glad too so along with my twin sister on January 15th 1963 Paul and Catherine  became parents and it was one of the best days that happened to my sister and I in our lives. Today My mother is 88 yrs of age and I love her with all my heart I never will forget the sacrifices that she made she was 43 at the time and we were  3 yrs  old. Now more than ever I desired to talk with my mom ,, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer  and so at times she does not even recognized who I am and I can’t even have a phone conversation with her. But I try to spend the time with her as I much as I can, But I will never forget all the prayers and bible reading we did as children with her.. she taught me the word and to always live for the Lord. As a mother of two a son and a daughter I know the love and the desire to see your children grow in the Lord..

So this Mother Day , spend some time with your mother  and enjoy each other as much as you can read with her and talk as much as possible you will never forget it,  they truly are blessed of God..

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